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Welcome to “Michigan Mysteries.com”, the website of Author and Shipwreck Hunter Ross Richardson. This website is dedicated to the stories of the missing persons, missing aircraft, missing maritime vessels and the unrecovered drowning victims of the Michigan Region. The Michigan Region includes the Upper and Lower Peninsulas, Islands, as well as the Great Lakes which are contiguous with Michigan’s mainland: Lake Erie, Lake Huron, Lake Michigan and Lake Superior.

Richardson is the author of two books, “The Search for the Westmoreland: Lake Michigan’s Treasure Shipwreck” and “Still Missing: Rethinking the D.B. Cooper Case and Other Mysterious Unsolved Disappearances.” He also speaks about Great Lakes maritime history at libraries and historical societies around the Great Lakes Region.

Richardson is a trained technical SCUBA diver and has been involved in the discovery, identification, and documentation of numerous Lake Michigan shipwrecks. He serves on the board of the Maritime Heritage Alliance based in Traverse City Michigan.

The author resides in Lake Ann, Michigan, with his wife, son and their retired racing greyhound, Claire. He enjoys giving folks rides in his 1964 Lincoln and working on various woodworking projects in his workshop.

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Detroit News: Diver discovers shipwreck cluster

“I was looking for wrecks that haven’t been discovered and have a decent last known position,” said Richardson, who’s originally from Grand Rapids. “This is kind of the last place in Lake Michigan where there’s a concentration of wrecks that…

1892 W.H. Gilcher

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