WZZM-13: ‘I think it’s a death car’: Mysterious 1960 Lincoln may have gruesome backstory

A few years ago, Lucas contacted a man by the name of Ross Richardson, who is an author and has investigated unsolved mysteries, shipwrecks and disappearances in Michigan. “It’s definitely a curiosity,” said Richardson, who wrote a book about Michigan mysteries in 2014.

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Mysterious 1960 Lincoln may have gruesome backstory
Photo courtesy of Bob Lucas

Detroit News: Diver discovers shipwreck cluster

“I was looking for wrecks that haven’t been discovered and have a decent last known position,” said Richardson, who’s originally from Grand Rapids. “This is kind of the last place in Lake Michigan where there’s a concentration of wrecks that are undiscovered, but somewhat attainable.”

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Diver discovers shipwreck cluster
Image: U.S. Coast Guard Historic Light Station Information & Photography: Michigan