1977 The Block’s Cessna 150J

Photo of the missing Cessna

On Monday, July 4, 1977, at 11:10am, John and Jean Block boarded their Cessna aircraft and departed Macomb Airport in New Haven, Michigan and headed north. Their destination was to be Lost Creek Sky Ranch Airport in Luzerne, Michigan. They never arrived there, or anywhere, for that matter. They simply vanished.

During the ensuing months ground searches and searches from the air yielded nothing.The Aircraft is a 1969 Cessna 150. The color scheme is white wings with orange tips, white lower fuselage and green upper fuselage. The tail number is N50935. The images on this website are of the actual aircraft.

John Block, the pilot, was not instrument rated and flew visually by following major highways. The flight path was over some of the most remote and rural regions of Michigan’s Lower Peninsula, including the Huron Manistee National Forest.

Someday we hope a hunter, hiker, logger or surveyor will stumble across the crash site of the Block’s Cessna, and report it to authorities. Remember, if you ever find any aircraft wreckage, please call law enforcement. When an aircraft crashes, all wreckage is removed by authorities. If you find something, it hasn’t been reported yet!

John Block discussing his missing parents.
Map of the search area
Photo of the missing Cessna
News story about the disappearance