1999 Cessna 175

From the FAA Report:

On November 12, 1999, at 2015 eastern standard time (est), a Cessna 175, N6533E, piloted by Leonard Kowalski, was reported missing by a representative of the pilot’s family. The personal flight was not on a flight plan. The pilot has been presumed to be fatally injured. The flight departed Iron County Airport, Crystal Falls, Michigan, at 1515 est and had the intended destination of Cherry Capital Airport, Traverse City, Michigan.

According to the pilot’s relatives, the pilot’s typical route of flight was to fly to Cherry Capital Airport, Traverse City, Michigan, refuel the airplane, and continue to his final destination of Oakland/Troy Airport, Troy, Michigan. There were no reports of the aircraft arriving and/or departing from Cherry Capital Airport and Oakland/Troy Airport.

Aircraft Information
The aircraft was a Cessna 175, N6533E, serial number 56033. The Cessna 175 is a production built, single strutted high-wing, all-metal constructed airplane. The Cessna 175 has a fixed tricycle landing gear and can accommodate a pilot and three passengers.

According to FAA records, the FAA issued a Standard Airworthiness Certificate for the airplane on April 23, 1959. The airplane was registered to the pilot on July 15, 1996.

Leonard Kowalski and his aircraft are still missing.