1990 Richard Hitchcock

On December 22, 1990, at 2:30am, 21 year old Richard Hitchcock was escorted from the Riverfront Lounge, which was located in downtown Allegan, Michigan, after being involved in an incident. After leaving the bar, he was supposedly involved in an altercation in a nearby parking lot with a group of men who later claimed they witnessed Hitchcock jump a fence while fleeing them and head down a river bank towards the Kalamazoo River. Hitchcock was never seen again.

His car was impounded from a nearby parking lot a few days later. He was reported missing on December 28, and the authorities searched the nearby Kalamazoo River with no results.

Rumors have circulated over the years that Hitchcock met with foul play at the hands of those who claimed to see him last, but those witnesses vehemently deny those accusations.

Richard, known and “Ritchie” or “McRitchie” to friends and family, is about 6 feet tall and weighs about 135 pounds. He has red hair and blue eyes.

Richard Hitchcock