1991 Gordon Page

Gordon Thomas Page, Jr. has been missing since May 27, 1991. He was last seen in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Page was born on April 15, 1963 and was 28 years old at the time of his disappearance. He is 6’3″ tall with a slender build and he has blue eyes and grey hair that was once reddish brown. Page has a prominent Adam’s Apple and he turns his eyes when crossing the street, but he does not turn his head. Page is autistic and does not communicate well with people as a result.

Page was placed in the Cascade Foster Care Home on Kraft Avenue and 60th Street in Grand Rapids, Michigan in March 1991. He had been diagnosed with autism and the home was an established treatment center. His family resided in Florida and waited two months before visiting Page in Michigan. His father left Grand Rapids after seeing Page on May 21, 1991. Page’s father stated that his son seemed anxious to accompany him back to Florida and attempted to enter his van as he was leaving. Page vanished from the home on May 27, 1991, six days after his father left.

Witnesses reported seeing a man resembling Page hitchhiking along Interstate 96 in Grand Rapids shortly after he disappeared from his residence. Part of a baseball card collection was discovered under an overpass on Interstate 96 approximately six weeks later. The cards were located near ramps leading to Detroit, Michigan and Chicago, Illinois. Three of the cards had been separated from the rest of the collection; the cards were those of Page’s favorite players, Robin Yount, Paul Molitor and Eddie Murray. It is possible that the collection belonged to Page.

There have been other reported sightings of Page throughout the United States and Canada since 1991. His hobbies include collecting sports cards, shopping at sports memorabilia, music and antique stores, playing baseball and basketball and swimming. Page may collect empty bottles or cans along roadsides for cash. He may be working with migrant workers or employed as a farmhand. Page may linger around automobile dealerships or tent in campsites. He generally keeps to himself or stays on the fringe of crowds.

Missing Person Gordon Page