1947 LCM North Manitou

Following the end of World War II, many military surplus items were made available to the public.  One of these items that made it to Northern Michigan was a Landing Craft Medium (LCM), which was then converted into a fuel oil hauling barge.  The owners of this LCM barge named her “NORTH MANITOU”.    On September 18, 1947, the NORTH MANITOU was bound for her namesake, North Manitou Island, with a load of fuel oil.  Rough weather and mechanical failure added up to create a catastrophe, and the small, staunch vessel soon foundered, throwing her two crewmembers into the churning sea, within sight of their destination.  One of the crewmen, 45-year-old Dean Richardson, was able to swim ashore wearing a lifejacket, but was hospitalized due to shock and exposure. 

The other crewman, 45-year-old Arlie Maker, was not so lucky.  His lifejacket clad body was found a couple of days later by his friends, who were searching for him.  The LCM NORTH MANITOU has never been located and is thought to be just a couple miles off North Manitou Island.