Thomas Kingsford

In April of 1871, the 136’ schooner THOMAS KINGSFORD became another early spring victim of the treacherous ice in the Straits of Mackinac.  In early April the KINGSFORD became trapped in ice merely 100’ from the Waugoshance Light.  The moving ice-pack pushed the KINGSFORD a half mile east and eventually crushed the schooner’s hull and she foundered.

In June of 1871, salvage operations began on the THOMAS KINGSFORD.  Salvagers found the wrecked schooner in 26’ off water, split from stem to stern.  The grabbed her anchors, chain and rigging and declared the rest of the vessel not worth recovering.

What we believe is the wreck of the THOMAS KINGSFORD was discovered by Brent Tompkins and Ross Richardson in June of 2018.  We will release the coordinates to this wreck in early 2020 in an effort to crowd-source the documentation of wreck-site.